Here’s what you’ll find at Antique Village in 2023

Barn Quilts
Some 300 hundred years ago, immigrants from central Europe brought the tradition of painting folk art decorations on their barns to America.  You will find several barn quilts throughout Antique Village.

Blacksmith Shop
An authentic working recreation circa 1920.  The smith specializes in hand-forged knives.

Belongie Station
Explore the history of railroads in the U.P.  Model trains run on a track that simulates travel through a variety of UP towns.  During many events, the Upper Michigan Central Model Railroad Club is on site to answer your questions about the many diverse aspects of model railroading.

CC’s Creations
Sitting between the Scoop and Float Ice Cream Shop and the Granary, CC’s Creations is the last standing example of the original Village buildings. The shop offers  a variety of homemade and heart-warming gifts.

Community Chapel
A place of worship and quiet contemplation, the chapel is also a popular wedding venue.

Community Hall
During many events, Community Hall is a gathering place for local artisans offering handcrafted creations such as aprons and glass items, as well as locally produced foodstuffs such as baked goods, jams and fresh garden vegetables.  The Hall is also available for rental.  

Cook Shack
The Cook Shack Serves up soups, sandwiches, fry bread, and the best lemonade in town.

Dean’s Barber Shop
Relax in a vintage barber chair as our stylist cuts your hair any way you want it.

Drag Saw
Powered by a 3 hp Witte engine, our reciprocating-style Drag Saw trims logs to length for the saw mill.  See it in action during our Annual Show.

Escanaba Knit & Stitch
This shop showcases vintage knitting and sewing machines.  Stop in for demonstrations of commercial and domestic circular and flat knitting machines, as well as decorative machine stitching. Many of the Items made here are offered for sale.

Fairbanks-Morse Diesel Engine
This 80 ton engine once powered a tugboat and, in its heyday, was capable of producing 3,000 hp at 200 revolutions per minute.

Fiber Boutique and Candle Shop
Hand-spun and dyed yarns, knit and felted items, and handmade soaps and candles. Spinning demonstrations during events and by request.

Our garden combines flowers, herbs and vegetables in an informal manner.  You’ll also find several heirloom plantings throughout Antique Village.

Honoring Richard Ostrander, past director of the UP State Fair, the gazebo offers a place to relax.

General Store
Named after I Stephenson & Co, a large sawmill operation in the 1800s, the General Store offers antiques, candy, pickles, soft drinks, teapots, and much more.

During many events, medical professionals are standing by to render first aid.  The infirmary is also home of the Village’s Lost and Found department.

Murphy Diesel Engine
This 6 cylinder engine once powered a Northwest crane.

Patriot Memorial
The Memorial honors two War of 1812 veterans who were awarded the land that would eventually become part of the U.P. State Fairgrounds.

Planing Mill
The Planing Mill planes the rough-sawn lumber from our Saw Mill.  See the Planing Mill in action during our Annual Show.

Pottery Shop
Observe the ancient art of throwing pottery on the wheel.  A variety of beautiful functional pieces are for sale.

Rock Crusher
See the Rock Crusher in action during our Annual Show.

Rock Shop
Learn about the mineral wealth of the Upper Peninsula ands and watch rock drill demonstrations.

Saw Mill
Once used in Rapid River Michigan, our restored saw mill was made by the Standard Saw Mill Mchy Co. and has a 1869 patent date.  It has been part of our Annual Show since 1977.

School House
A faithful reproduction of a circa 1905 classroom created with antique pieces from an area school.

Scoop and Float Ice Cream Shop
Enjoy hand-dipped cones and floats in a 1930’s-style atmosphere.

Shingle Mill
See the shingle mill in action during our Annual Show.

Telegraph Office
Explore the history of communication from 1800s telegraph equipment to modern ham radio.  The telegraph office has equipment that is functional today, and many pieces to show how communication has evolved.

Textile Building
Inside the Textile  Building, you’ll discover a variety of traditional textile arts.  The interactive rag rug making demonstration is fun for all ages.   such as sewing and quilting.

The Wooly Sock
Beautiful hand-crafted yarns, hats, scarves and soap. here is a shop with an antique  sock knitting machine that is still used today to knit a pair of wool or alpaca fiber sox.

Our circa 1920 Windmill pumps non-potable water.